The Holiday Shift: Think Earlier, Global And Mobile

Just a few years ago, this would be the time of year I’d be giving holiday pregame talks to retailers focused on optimizing specific events — in-store on Black Friday, and online on Cyber Monday. But around the world, the holiday shopping game is already on. The old playbook has been completely disrupted by mobile.In […]

Jason & Scot Show Episode 2 Future of Retail

A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 2 covers the Merrill Lynch Bank of America Internet/E-commerce 10th Annual Holiday Pricing Survey, a discussion about the future of retail, and how robots are improving the retail experience.

The Promo Code field could be costing Sears’ e-commerce $16M a month

When looking to improve performance of an e-commerce site, one of the best places to start looking is at the bottom of your checkout funnel. If a shopper has gone to all the trouble to discover products, put them in their shopping cart, and begin the checkout process, you know they have buying intent.  So you […]

Three e-Commerce Lessons From the Super Bowl

The 2013 Super Bowl was more digital than ever. The 71,024 fans in attendance all had access to free wi-fi. Dozens of Super Bowl advertisers launched aggressive digital campaigns in the weeks prior to the game (including, in many cases, pre-releasing their commercials). And the game itself featured a record number of commercial spots with […]

Retailgeek Site Redesigned for Speed recently underwent a redesign and moved to a new host which resulted in a much faster site. In fact we’re almost 5 TIMES as fast!The site runs on WordPress and was hosted on a virtual private server. But the arrangement had ongoing performance and security challenges. The redesign involved moving to a new WordPress […]