Why luxury brands should embrace mobile

The rapid adoption of the smartphone and the mobile medium is one of the most important trends that shopper marketers are tracking this year and next. Paradoxically, luxury brands (that cater to a disproportionately high number of Smart Phone owners), are missing the boat in adopting mobile customer experiences.


Mainstream News: These shopper marketing guys are changing the world

It’s a banner time for Shopper Marketing, as the mainstream media has taken notice of how profoundly the shopping experience is changing right before our eyes. USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune Magazine all have articles on the changing shopper behavior as a result of mobile, social, and cross-channel evolutions.


Who Moved My Customer?

I did a webinar this week covering some of the key trends that are changing consumer shopping behaviors, and how smart marketers are leveraging those changes.


New Gig for Retailgeek

Excuse the personal note, but I started a new job this week. I’ll be leading the Strategy and Customer Experiences teams for CrossView Inc, a best in class solution provider enabling cross-channel shopping experiences [Read More]


shop.org Annual Summit Recap 2010

shop.org held it annaul summit in Dallas Texas this week. It featured great discussions around the influence of mobile, social networking, and the convergence of shopping channels on retail. Here is my recap. [Read More]


Multi-Channel Retail is Hot

Best Buy says 60% of its’ U.S. store sales are influenced by customers’ experience on bestbuy.com and 40% of the products they sell online are picked up in-store. [Read More]


Best Buy Deploys QR Codes to Enhance Shopping Experience

Best Buy Launches In-Store QR Codes

Best Buy adds QR codes to all their retail stores. 82% of consumers already use mobile phones during their shopping trips, so it’s critical that retailers understand and embrace this new shopping behavior. [Read More]


Store Tour: KEEN Retail Flagship

KEEN Garage Store Tour

In August, KEEN opened their first branded retail store in the trendy Pearl District of Portland, Oregon. The 900 square-foot store called “the Garage.” A shoppers first impression is that this is a high-energy, fun place to shop. The overall customer experience is very favorable. [Read More]


Will first generation customer experiences kill location based marketing?

First generation customer experiences from retail location based marketing pioneers such as ShopKick and FourSquare leave something to be desired. Will these early experiences get shoppers excited and hungry for even better experiences, or will they be disappointed and become difficult to win back?

It’s understandable to “cut some corners” to get a proof of concept in the marketplace, but it’s vital to pick the right places to save effort. Marketers must deliver a compelling customer experience from day one! (read more)


What Shopper Marketers Need to Know about Location Based Marketing

It’s been a remarkable day in the evolution of Location Based Marketing.  The day started with ShopKick launching in 257 Best Buy stores; and ended with Facebook announcing a location based marketing solution.

Here is a recap to help you catch-up and my own predictions about where we will be going. (more)