Hey, Who Moved My Storefront?

Hey who moved the front of my store?

We used to go shopping; now we are shopping. Smartphone in hand, we start our shopping experience by accessing nearly perfect information – product specs, ratings and reviews, competitive pricing – within moments of considering a need, want or purchase. For all practical purposes, the front door of retail has moved online.


What Amazon Firefly means for commerce

Amazon Fire Phone

The new Amazon Fire Phone launched yesterday, and the internet is buzzing about whether or not this new device will be a hit or a flop. I believe that the Firefly feature is a significant milestone in the evolution of shopping. Retailers and shopper marketers need to plan for a world of friction free shopping, and perfect product transparency.


The Promo Code field could be costing Sears’ e-commerce $16M a month

Promo Code Field

When looking to improve performance of an e-commerce site, one of the best places to start looking is at the bottom of your checkout funnel. If a shopper has gone to all the trouble to discover products, put them in their shopping cart, and begin the checkout process, you know they have buying intent.  So you […]


Have I earned your vote for the shop.org board of directors?


I’m running for the shop.org board of directors. As most of you know, I’ve been in the e-commerce industry for a long time (launched my first e-commerce site in 1996). Like all of us in this industry, I’ve benefited greatly from the efforts of shop.org, including their policy advocacy, content, and events. However, I benefited […]


Three e-Commerce Lessons From the Super Bowl

Superbowl Blackout

The 2013 Super Bowl was more digital than ever. The 71,024 fans in attendance all had access to free wi-fi. Dozens of Super Bowl advertisers launched aggressive digital campaigns in the weeks prior to the game (including, in many cases, pre-releasing their commercials). And the game itself featured a record number of commercial spots with […]


E-Commerce Events in September 2012

2012 Shop.Org Annual Summit Logo

Would you like to escape your daily grind and recharge your e-commerce batteries before the holiday shopping season kicks in to full gear? September offers two e-commerce trade shows that might be just what the doctor ordered. If you are using (or are interested in) the IBM Smarter Commerce platform, you should consider attending the […]


Retailgeek Site Redesigned for Speed

Website Redesign

Retailgeek.com recently underwent a redesign and moved to a new host which resulted in a much faster site. In fact we’re almost 5 TIMES as fast! The site runs on WordPress and was hosted on a virtual private server. But the arrangement had ongoing performance and security challenges. The redesign involved moving to a new […]


What the new Top Level Domains mean for E-Commerce

ICANn URL Confusion

Amazon has spend over $14M on new top level domain names from ICANN. What impact will these 1000 new gTLDs have on the e-commerce industry? Will consumers adopt them?


GlobalShop 2012

GlobalShop, is February 29 – March 2 in Las Vegas. It’s a great event to catch up with colleagues in the industry and see the latest trends in Visual Merchandising, Store Design, and Store Fixtures.

This year, I’ll be giving a presentation about in-store customer experiences in the omni-channel world.

Hey, Who Moved The Front of My Store? Retailing in a cross-channel world.


Learn E-Commerce from Louis C.K.

Louis CK Headshot

Louis C.K.  was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week, talking about his new special new special, Live at the Beacon Theater, which he self-produced and new special, x through his own website for five bucks. When the interview turned into a clinic on e-commerce best practices: Impulse Price Louis CK told […]