Amazon pilots new Pickup Locations in Chicago (field report)

    Amazon is piloting a new type of pickup location in Chicago.  These are indoor, retail locations which are staffed with Amazon employees, where you can return Amazon purchases, and pickup Amazon orders.In many ways these locations are similar to Amazon lockers (which are placed in locations like Whole Foods and 7-11).  While the standard lockers are […]

The Holiday Shift: Think Earlier, Global And Mobile

Just a few years ago, this would be the time of year I’d be giving holiday pregame talks to retailers focused on optimizing specific events — in-store on Black Friday, and online on Cyber Monday. But around the world, the holiday shopping game is already on. The old playbook has been completely disrupted by mobile.In […]

Jason & Scot Show Episode 2 Future of Retail

A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 2 covers the Merrill Lynch Bank of America Internet/E-commerce 10th Annual Holiday Pricing Survey, a discussion about the future of retail, and how robots are improving the retail experience.

The Promo Code field could be costing Sears’ e-commerce $16M a month

When looking to improve performance of an e-commerce site, one of the best places to start looking is at the bottom of your checkout funnel. If a shopper has gone to all the trouble to discover products, put them in their shopping cart, and begin the checkout process, you know they have buying intent.  So you […]

Three e-Commerce Lessons From the Super Bowl

The 2013 Super Bowl was more digital than ever. The 71,024 fans in attendance all had access to free wi-fi. Dozens of Super Bowl advertisers launched aggressive digital campaigns in the weeks prior to the game (including, in many cases, pre-releasing their commercials). And the game itself featured a record number of commercial spots with […]

Retailgeek Site Redesigned for Speed recently underwent a redesign and moved to a new host which resulted in a much faster site. In fact we’re almost 5 TIMES as fast!The site runs on WordPress and was hosted on a virtual private server. But the arrangement had ongoing performance and security challenges. The redesign involved moving to a new WordPress […]