It’s Time For A Commerce Approach To Media

You’re more likely to survive a plane crash than you are to click a banner ad. And you can research and buy virtually any product, at any time, from any touch point. This fundamental capability overrides the marketing funnel and reorders the priorities of media.

Bridging The Mobile Gap

This quarter, we hit two milestones in retail. Target, Best Buy and Walmart all had 50% or more of their website visitors coming from mobile devices. And the overall time shoppers spent on retail sites using mobile devices crossed the 60% threshold. As mobile initiates more online traffic, though, retailers need to contend with a gap between shopping and buying that could sink their brands.

Hey, Who Moved My Storefront?

We used to go shopping; now we are shopping. Smartphone in hand, we start our shopping experience by accessing nearly perfect information – product specs, ratings and reviews, competitive pricing – within moments of considering a need, want or purchase. For all practical purposes, the front door of retail has moved online.

What Amazon Firefly means for commerce

The new Amazon Fire Phone launched yesterday, and the internet is buzzing about whether or not this new device will be a hit or a flop. I believe that the Firefly feature is a significant milestone in the evolution of shopping. Retailers and shopper marketers need to plan for a world of friction free shopping, and perfect product transparency.

Learn E-Commerce from Louis C.K.

Louis C.K.  was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this week, talking about his new special new special, Live at the Beacon Theater, which he self-produced and new special, x through his own website for five bucks.When the interview turned into a clinic on e-commerce best practices:Impulse PriceLouis CK told the New York […]

What E-commerce Sites Can Learn From Starbucks

Starbucks is unquestionably one of the most influential retailers on the planet. So what can we learn from the new e-commerce site at that Starbucks launched this month?

Retailers are racing to low prices

Mobile shopping tools are giving consumers access to perfect pricing and availability information. This is driving retailers like Best Buy to consider adopting an everyday low price policy. But how quickly do retailers need to move?

8 Shopper Marketing Predictions that Might Even Come True

Everyone seems to have their obligatory list of predictions for the new year, so here are 8 things that I expect to see in the shopper marketing space over the next 12 months. A few of them might even happen.

Why luxury brands should embrace mobile

The rapid adoption of the smartphone and the mobile medium is one of the most important trends that shopper marketers are tracking this year and next. Paradoxically, luxury brands (that cater to a disproportionately high number of Smart Phone owners), are missing the boat in adopting mobile customer experiences.

Mainstream News: These shopper marketing guys are changing the world

It’s a banner time for Shopper Marketing, as the mainstream media has taken notice of how profoundly the shopping experience is changing right before our eyes. USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, and Fortune Magazine all have articles on the changing shopper behavior as a result of mobile, social, and cross-channel evolutions.