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This blog is about how we shop, what makes a great retail experience online or in-store, and how retailers occasionally fall short. It’s also about some of the cool technologies that get used in the art of shopper marketing, and occasionally about some of the great gadgets that are available for purchase when we do go shopping.

The Author

Jason Goldberg HeadshotMy name is Jason Goldberg, and I love great shopping experiences.  As a fourth generation retailer, it’s in my blood.  I’m the Sr. Vice President of Commerce at SapientRazorfish.  I sit on the board of directors of shop.org.  Named one of the 50 retail influencers.  I’ve served as an expert witness on digital shopper marketing and e-commerce in federal court.
I started working for an independent computer retailer at age,14, where I demonstrated the (then brand new) Commodore 64, for potential customers.  After college, I helped manage the retail channel for Commodore Business Machines before eventually being hired as the Sr. Director of Merchandising at Blockbuster Entertainment.  During my tenure, we opened 4,000 stores, acquired 30 million customers, and built almost $9 Billion in shareholder value (I also racked up $324 in personal late fees).
After Blockbuster sold to Viacom, I moved back to the West Coast and along with some really smart partners, started my first retail customer experience design firm.  Over the next 18 years, I’ve been a principal for several firms where I served as a customer experience designer for some really awesome clients like Walmart, BestBuy, Target, T-Mobile, Verizon, Levi’s, Procter and Gamble, Dillard’s, Bass Pro, Le Creuset, and many others.  Along the way, I’ve worked with a ton of brilliant shopper marketers, and have even been awarded a few patents.   If you’ve ever had a bad experience shopping for a television or a mobile phone, it’s probably at least partially my fault (sorry about that).
Jason Goldberg Shopping
Today I lead the Commerce practice at SapientRazorfish where we help retailers deliver great shopping experiences across a variety of physical and digital touchpoints.
I’ve conducted thousands of retail visits and fly over 200,000 miles a year, but when I’m home it’s in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago, IL, where I’m the Starbucks foursquare mayor, and gold card holder since 2004.   I share my home with my wife Leila, our son Stephen and our dog McGyver.
When I’m not working with clients  I write and talk about retail customer experiences and shopper marketing.  I’m active on most social networks, and especially Twitter.  I’d love to hear your feedback, and get connected via any of them.
Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg

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