Three e-Commerce Lessons From the Super Bowl

The 2013 Super Bowl was more digital than ever. The 71,024 fans in attendance all had access to free wi-fi. Dozens of Super Bowl advertisers launched aggressive digital campaigns in the weeks prior to the game (including, in many cases, pre-releasing their commercials). And the game itself featured a record number of commercial spots with […]

What the new Top Level Domains mean for E-Commerce

Amazon has spend over $14M on new top level domain names from ICANN. What impact will these 1000 new gTLDs have on the e-commerce industry? Will consumers adopt them?

Is it Time to Drop the “e” from e-Commerce?

Most e-commerce executives are focused on on-line sales, even though their actual contribution to the organization is far broader. In order to maximize the effectiveness of digital marketing, executives need to think about their roles differently.

Are you missing the most important e-commerce metric?

Major retailers are sharing some remarkable data about the cross-channel behavior of their shoppers: 45% of Home Depot customers, and 60% of Best Buy customers, visit the companies website before making a purchase in the store. How should that influence webstore executions?

Retailers are racing to low prices

Mobile shopping tools are giving consumers access to perfect pricing and availability information. This is driving retailers like Best Buy to consider adopting an everyday low price policy. But how quickly do retailers need to move?

Multi-Channel Retail is Hot

Best Buy says 60% of its’ U.S. store sales are influenced by customers’ experience on and 40% of the products they sell online are picked up in-store. [Read More]

Walmart Update: Re-thinking Project Impact?

Moments after I blogged about Walmart’s Project Impact and it’s effect on digital merchandising… it appears that Walmart may be re-thinking Project Imapact.

Bloomberg reports, that in the face of declining financial performance, Walmart’s new COO, Bill Simon, is bringing back promotional displays at the front of store and returning more items that were removed.  Overall inventory is coming back up and pallets are returning to action ally. (more)