DIGI Awards

imageYet another thing we have too much of in the digital merchandising / retail design space is awards. I like to take credit for my teams hard work get recognized for my work just as much as the next guy… OK more than the next guy.

But when is the last time you saw a shopper buy an extra accessory for their IPOD because the display it was on won an award? Worse there are so many awards, that none can really stand out as a special achievement.

Anyway, The Digital Signage Group, announced the winners of their DIGI Awards this week. I know the judges took their charter very seriously and many excellent projects were recognized. Somehow one of the projects I worked on (Verizon Small Business Wall, interactive display) snuck onto the winners list.

Here’s the press release. Digital Signage Weekly write-up. And he’s the slightly skeptical take from Daily Dooh.

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