First post!

Sign:  Sorry we're openI’ve been meaning to start this blog for years… it’s amazing what you can accomplish when you take a half day off from work.

Anyway, I spend my days thinking about how to create great customer experiences that help shoppers make purchase decisions, and while I get called upon to work in a lot of interesting product categories, I’m especially fortunately that a good portion of my work is in the consumer electronics industry, allowing me to feed my inner geek. So it’s only natural that I named this blog, retailgeek (I’m just not that clever).

What you’ll find here are some (hopefully) interesting musings about how we shop, what makes a great retail experience, and how we as a retail design industry often fall short. You can also expect to see a fair number of references to interesting gadgets that seem to find their way into my position in lieu of more prudent investments (like say a mortgage).

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