Jason & Scot Show Episode 167 Instagram Checkout Hot Take

A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 167 is a hot take on the new Checkout on Instagram feature.


This episode is a hot take on Checkout on Instagram feature.  We cover the main features, details about the closed beta, potential pros and cons, and a recommendation for brands thinking about selling on Instagram.

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Episode 167 of the Jason & Scot show was recorded on Wednesday, March 20th, 2019.

Join your hosts Jason “Retailgeek” Goldberg, Chief Commerce Strategy Officer and Scot Wingo, CEO of GetSpiffy and Executive Chairman of Channel Advisor as they discuss the latest news and trends in the world of e-commerce and digital shopper marketing.

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[0:24] Welcome to the Jason and Scott show this episode 167 is being recorded on
Wednesday March 20th 2019 I’m your host Jason retailgeek Goldberg and as usual I’m here with your co-host Scott Wingo.

[0:40] Jason and welcome back Jason Scott show listeners
yesterday Facebook announced an exciting new feature for Instagram called checkout on Instagram those marketing Geniuses over there so today we wanted to give you our hot take on that.

[0:58] I am excited to talk about that Scott but before we jump into it you are officially podcast cheating on me now.

[1:07] I am I am you know we need full disclosure I told Jason I was going to do a podcast use very supportive
so we have an open podcast relationship if Jason wants to do a podcast that’s fine but I really know he doesn’t have time to
so when your Chief Commerce retail e-commerce strategy officer don’t have time for one podcast baby
new podcast is really kind of a spiffy thing so it’s the future Vehicles so I was framework called vehicle 2.0 where we talked about
what’s eclectic are changing car ownership electrification an autonomous vehicles so if any of those things are interesting to you at over the vehicle to. Get spooky., and you can find a new podcast would love to bring some Jason Scott show folks over there
another funny thing is we got a call a couple weeks ago from Lyft they’re having a big event in Houston it’s a rodeo to Sunday your.

[2:10] Find out your first review and 30 Day Rodeo can you imagine a lot of people that go to the
just a lot of radio and
so we didn’t experiment which is pretty interesting we did a kind of driver rewards thing where we set up right near this rodeo and lift would send messages out
two drivers that were doing a lot of work on their Network and giving free car washes so that was fun we wash over 400 vehicles in a pretty short 3-day.
It was three days around but it’s really time or in the evenings so
does a lot of car washing soap not it’s exciting to partner with companies like Lyft there are also in their IPO process if people are interested in IPOs the lift.

[2:57] Roadshow is available it’s really cool by 30 minute video I think it’s well worth your time
you go to Retail Road show.com the SEC makes companies now publish their Roadshow
and it’s a little known fact that they do that so I can go out there and do that it is only up there for about a week so we’re recording this on the 20th and I think I’ll probably be down by the
3rd or 24th so rachaelrayshow.com to watch Lyft IPO it’s a really cool another aspect of what looks spelling
so that’s what’s going on in my room.

[3:30] That is very cool you in one of your first podcast episodes for vehicle 2.0 you broke down the Lyft s-1 filing which was also very informative and interesting.

[3:43] Yeah yeah and unkind of swing that back over here diepio pipeline is is just bursting with with all kinds of
convenience really goodness so we could lift in there Ubers rumored to be in the pipeline instacart Postmates are also candidates and then
as he sings come out we’ll be covering all the distance cop show if they’re little more relevant than this was.

[4:09] Yeah in sign up for a long time listener G of course to know that I used to be a rodeo clown and I can tell you those 30-day rodeos are exhausting you are super sore by the 30th date.

[4:21] Your Barrel by the end of your Barrel your rubber Barrel this is all dented.

[4:25] Exactly fun but yeah there’s actually a lottery for which Clown goes in the barrel every day so you’re not generally in the barrel all 30 days.

[4:33] Wow what to do a whole episode Deep dive on Jason’s rodeo clown.

[4:38] Exactly
that one that would be super interesting and I did get a chance to listen to several your podcast they were super informative I’m right up to the point where you have gas so I’m I’ve done a full dose of Scott wingo and I’m excited to
to hear from I think the CEO of smart car.

[4:56] It’s exhausting God doing it on you cuz I’m not used to talking so much.
I usually get like 5 minutes out of 50 and now I have to like there’s a lot of a lot of space to fill I miss you.

[5:09] I bet you I got to we having a cute version of that problem
and then the last thing before we we jump into it I am too busy to do another podcast but to be clear it’s what makes me too busy to do another podcast is my job as the audio engineer for this podcast.

[5:26] Yeah I learn from that we have we have a ghetto person for that.

[5:34] Thank you for not saying like confident person.

[5:38] Not nearly as good as you are but they have a lot more time to work on.

[5:42] I was I was a little jealous about that aspect that I’m excited and I’m a subscriber.

[5:48] Cool let’s talk about Instagram so if you’ve been living under a rock Instagram is a very popular social media Network driven by pictures of the kids in my family have a rule
when we get we’re at a restaurant
this doesn’t apply to Applebee’s or anyone basic but if we’re at a fanciest restaurant no one touches her food until we instead because
instant or it didn’t happen so that’s what I’m talkin about tonight so Instagram is very popular as a refresher it was acquired by Facebook
for a huge at the time record-breaking billion dollars in 2012 looking back from 2019 most people feel like that was quite a seal and other stuff so
show history there was a reminder that that Facebook owns Instagram.
Ceaseless jump into the announcement I know as the chief Commerce strategy officer you probably about this for a while what were the highlights.

[6:55] Yep before I jump in that we always like to have useful tidbits on the show and so I feel like the the valuable one for this show is going to be that there are actual,
psychological studies that have proven that when you take pictures of your food before you eat it you actually enjoy the food West.
I’m super sorry.
To share that with you but I feel like the Wingo family could actually be enjoying your meals a little bit more if you weren’t interested in them. I’ll put a note to those studies in the show notes and you can decide.

[7:25] I’ll try that with my kids but I think it’s actually more correlated to the number of likes your free picture gets sick.

[7:31] Yeah Isis I suspect that that is true and who cares if you enjoy your food if you get new new follower,
yeah so this is obviously a feature for Instagram that for a while Instagram has had the ability to pin products to organic content.

[7:52] So you you can have some hot spots on photos and click that hotspot and there’s been a vehicle where you could sort of Click through
2 e Commerce site that had that product so it would take you out of Instagram to the mobile version of the,
the Brand’s website to look at a product detail page in in most cases and so what the what they’ve done here is they’ve eliminated the need to leave the Instagram app and go to the e-commerce site so you now get a
a native product detail page in Instagram
can let you do attribute so you could like selected their shoes you could select a color and a size and then you can add it to carts
and then there’s not really not add to cart they’re sort of just a checkout button because you’re only allowed to buy one thing at a time and when you check out you enter,
your your name and address and your payment information and they will ship you the product,
so essentially Instagram is becoming your favorite thing on Marketplace wedding letting,
primary Brands and in most cases at the moment did you need a Brands sell stuff natively on the platform they’re paying undisclosed.

[9:10] Take radar feature to Instagram and the Hope from Facebook Sandpoint is,
we have people like in this visual platform that are doing a lot of product Discovery and had a lot of high buying intent and now we’re dramatically reducing the friction to convert that buying intent into

[9:32] I have I’ve been busy washing cars and haven’t had a chance to look at experience I know I looked at the launch Partners a lot of them were in the fashion category that in fashion we have the age-old problem of of styles and colors
I have they saw that or do they just kind of plan on that neat have a different PDP for each.

[9:52] No no they do they have a dream you drop down so you so you can select a size and color
they a little bit about it’s a closed beta at this point so there’s 22 Grande selling
if you’re a brand interest in selling the you can’t apply or sell right now
yeah but you can have up to five products in one piece of Instagram content this is only organic content so this is not an ad format so you can.
Certify visibility for this content you have to be publishing content that that a lot of viewers are already consuming and they say that the way they selected these 22 initial.
Partners are folks that were already heavy users of the Instagram platform and we’re getting a lot of Engagement and we’re already tagging their content with product and so
you know that apparel and Beauty category did it heavily skewed towards apparel and Beauty it’s mostly digital-native Brands you know some of the.
You know so it’s it’s the Warby Parker’s and the Unicorn clothes.
There’s some laundry stuff like Prada Nike and Adidas to me are the big mainstream manufacturers,
there on the platform but there’s also like Burberry and in the oscardelarenta and revolve clothing some folks like that.

[11:21] Yeah so they do let you do those attributes. General question what they there are some from my perspectives,
limitations to what they do let you do on the product detail page and I’m actually going to hold off on.
Hitting those now cuz it we are going to come in and walk through some of the.
The the pros and the cons at least as you and I see them but you know we’ll put a link to their actual announcement and I’ll try to find,
a product what are the limitations is this only works in the Instagram mobile app so it’s only on a mobile it’s only a nap but I’ll try to list a product so that you can click through it yourself
they do have a video demonstration on their on their blog announcing it so you can kind of watch a video of someone checking out.

[12:10] Call is it IOS and Android or did they just pun.

[12:13] Yeah it’s all the platforms that other mobile platforms that are Instagram supports it is also only in North America right now.

[12:19] Okay yeah and then
I should actually know this but do you know so let’s go back so there’s been a long history of social networks trying to kind of Mary e-commerce and frankly a lot of success what are some of the historical highlights of
biscuits have been tried that you recall.

[12:41] Yes it is it it’s an interesting conundrum there’s been a lot of efforts at what I’ll call the social commerce in the US,
like a particular bunch of iterations and sort of social by buttons and none of them have really been very successful and yet there are Platforms in particularly China by throughout Asia
where this this Paradigm is super popular in heavily adopted and so for a long time we’ve always wondered are.

[13:12] Eastern consumers just fundamentally different than Western consumers are they even more digitally native and Savvy in China and therefore ahead of the US consumers and so this will eventually catch on or you know it is the,
are the experiences that the Pinterest and Facebook have tried.
Fundamentally inferior to the experiences that that we chat and and others have done in China like.
Don’t know the answer but I can tell you that Facebook launched e-commerce on the platform in 2010 and there was actually a pamper store where you can buy your diapers on Facebook back in 2010.
That really didn’t go anywhere and in the subsequent 9 years.
They’ve they’ve dropped a lot of Commerce capability some that wasn’t adopted and it’s been sort of abandoned and others that are that are still utilize but aren’t you don’t fall short of actually letting you do the transaction.

[14:14] And so you know I think like 2014 that they wants to Facebook buy button.
Which is you know not not in service today but they also wants things like collection ad formats which were like a,
Commerce oriented ad format that let you have multiple products in a single ad,
in 2014 and that that so is used today if you know it doesn’t let you go all the way to the by,
in some non us markets Facebook actually lets small sellers host or friends on Facebook and they’re they’re powered by Shopify.
So that’s interesting in some markets.
Course in 2016 they made a big push to doing Commerce in the Facebook Messenger platform and there’s some.
Some examples of that being useful but that certainly doesn’t you know have.
Have brought engagement and you know their competitors have had similar challenges to Pinterest as as.

[15:17] You know incrementally added shopping features like Rich pins and shoppable pins and Shop the look but hasn’t really you know been able to do transactions on the platform.
Twitter had the the buy button for a little while and killed it Google has some shopping for mass that had buy buttons in it then aren’t aren’t.
You know hugely successful and Broadway deployed so there’s a checkered past here and it’s,
going to be interesting to see if now is the time that works if Instagram is resolved some of the fundamental
challenges or you know the timing is just right I have my own Theory which I I promise to reveal by the the end of the podcast.
The you know,
one of the things that most of these efforts have in common and I I think I did notice this about the the Instagram one is if they do get successful one of the Whitney in ways they envision
brand being able to publish their content to the platform is through this company I I think I’m familiar with Kyle Channel advisor.

[16:26] Yeah yeah yeah so I was
as surprised as you are to see jamas are there so I’m not involved in the day-to-day but you know the usually when someone needs a Marketplace integration Channel that’s what it’s called
and then Spirit of of kind of.

[16:46] Open the other partners that were announced where Shopify and Bigcommerce which are more kind of SMB e-commerce platforms so there it’s not like an option where you say hey if you want this widget to show up on your website you can also make it shoppable on,
Instagram and then more of a competitor to channel advisor is called Commerce Hub there more
XML you Dropship e but a lot of similar kind of connections that we have them so they announced kind of the for lunch partner Sarah
Channel visor was excited to to the apartment I actually don’t know so I was going to ask you earlier I’ll swing back that,
when Twitter first came out the buy button we got in this really big argument with them because
they just wanted a retailer to put the Spy button up there and tell them inventory one time and then they would keep track of it going forward I said well
that’s okay but you see these retailers have all these pools of inventory so,
it’s very easy for you to get in an oversold situation because you know on on Tuesday March 1st when the retailer said they had a hundred of these widgets.

[17:52] Then here on the 20th and they have zero days do it listen to us and turn off it end up being kind of a
Calamity and they had to go back and figure it out you know how the inventory kind of checks are done on the sir they kind of,
get the better systems will do you can either sink inventory I’ve been kind of constantly update it,
I or you can do kind of call back when something’s about to be out of the car is she going to say hold on one second let me go back and verify I still have this widget in stock do you have any idea on how that’s working.

[18:21] Yeah it’s a great question I don’t have super detailed.

[18:31] Sort of architecture understanding of the solution I can tell you that all of these 22 vendors have bespoke Integrations and they specifically mentioned that they did Integrations with,
customer service and with OMS in so what that means is.
Like they say they do have some sort of robust automated way to talk to the order management system of those individual sellers.
And it in the one thing that’s interesting to me very often went a platform like this watch as a service.
By the way they they they do an integration with like one or a few popular platforms and then they pick beta partners that are only using those platforms.
That does not appear to be with what Instagram did they pick 22 brands that were popular on Instagram and figured out how to integrate with all of them and so my suspicion is.
Some of that these Integrations are likely more robust than others and so.
You know it wouldn’t surprise me if the higher volume sites is like the Nike and Adidas there’s probably a real-time Perpetual inventory system in there with her it’s pull or push I don’t know.
But it’s not going to surprise me if.
A few of these Brands you know are doing that integration via you know file sharing and in nightly uploads or something like that and and could have some some real disparity on availability of they ever,
ever had a product go viral or something.

[20:00] I know I’m speaking for listeners when I told us out here what would be really helpful Jason is if you could do some experiments for a so you can go order between one and three hundred items from let’s say I’ll pick a random on here
Prada and then let us know what your your your rate of receiving goes in and out of stocks I think they’ll be super useful.

[20:24] I would totally do that but I’m afraid that that that this purchases would come out of my Star Wars budget which would be tragic.

[20:30] You have a very large Starbucks Star Wars budget.

[20:34] I think the parts going to be expensive.

[20:38] So do you think this is going to kind of finally bring that Chinese level of of Engagement and activity to the marriage of Social and e-commerce.

[20:51] I don’t so so to be clear like I actually think this is,
probably a good step forward I think Facebook and Instagram were smart to do this and I think in certain circumstances that makes
sense for the brands to take advantage of it so I I think I could have some adoption I think it could be more successful than any of those.
Serta previous efforts that we that we highlighted earlier in the show but at the same time I don’t think this solution as is hits the sort of.
WeChat level of of a shopping engagement.
I don’t think this is going to end up being a primary selling platform for any Brands and I would certainly argue.
It should not be a primary selling platform for any of these Brands it ought to be.
A smart sort of secondary platform the brands leverage but not the primary way that there.
That they’re looking at getting their product in the hands of consumers and so in that way I don’t think it’s going to have the same kind of adoption that some of the.
The really big brands have had success with in China.

[22:08] But I will like so if you know in the way I got to that is kind of just thinking through the pros and cons of this experience in there are some clear benefits to this right so I mention early on.
That Instagram is very much a discovery experience right in there the.
There you know there was a great quote earlier this year and now I’m I’m spacing on and who was from that I want to get.
Attributed to Katrina at 6 fix that like Google saw Amazon solved.
Buying but ruined shopping.

[22:49] In the gist of it was essentially that e-commerce has gotten really good at the transactions of trading goods for for currency but that we haven’t really figured out how to do this sort of.
A surprise and Delight of browsing for stuff in discovering stuff you didn’t know you wanted and in the modern digital era in North America the two platforms that scene.
To do that sort of serendipitous Discovery the most are Instagram and Pinterest.
Enso adding Commerce to a platform where people are already doing a lot of browsing and Discovery experiences.

[23:29] Makes a lot of sense and it it frankly fills in a gap like there just aren’t that many consumers that are.
Shopping for designer clothes by you know thumbing through Pro detail pages on Amazon.
You know I know Amazon would like to change that but at the moment that’s just not the case so I think it’s it’s super smart and important that this is a discovery experience-based.
you know we’ve talked a lot in the past on this show about the mobile Gap that you know the whole shopping audience is moving from laptop to mobile phones but they actually convert much poor on mobile phone,
are mobile websites they convert really poorly on apps they do better but almost no retailer or brand can get a meaningful audience with her app that almost all cases the app has very poor reach and so you have this problem.

[24:22] Bad experience on web small audience on mobile apps and Instagram is a potential perfect solution to that it’s a nap.
With a huge a highly engaged audience so it you know it it potentially can be that that solution to the mobile Gap,
like all marketplaces one of the big things it’s bringing to the party is a bunch of eyeballs right and so there’s a lot of traffic on Instagram that you get to monetize if you’re participating in this.
And you know there’s a lot of brands that even though you can’t do Commerce on Instagram before this feature.
The Instagram and other social networks are already a super important part of the marketing mix and so a lot of.

[25:07] Particularities digital-native Brands you know really.
Launched by creating organic content on the social networks and having that content go viral and that’s,
really one of the primary ways that they do customer acquisition and so you know there’s a ton of brands that invest a lot of money in content for these social networks,
and you know one of the challenges has always been you no attribution for that content like what’s the ROI for that great viral story that you did on on Instagram,
they didn’t have a Commerce call the action will now it can have a Commerce call the action and you can you can monetize that and you can attribute that so suddenly you have a better way to,
attribute value to all that that effort and content York rating on the platform so to me those are all favorable things that would make it appealing.
To try this new platform of course there’s also some cons.

[26:06] What is the current Jason.

[26:07] Yeah well so a big one right off the bat hat is this a platform that’s owned by Facebook and you have to enter your credit card information into it right and there has not been a lot of favorable news,
about Facebook lately and they’re certainly has not been a lot of
favorable news about trust and security with regard to Facebook and so I do think it’s reasonable that Facebook is going to have a trust Gap,
that they’re going to have to overcome to become a Commerce provider and I think everyone that sells has this trust problem and I would argue that Facebook potentially at the moment has a more acute version and so,
that’s going to be super interesting in all these beta announcements Facebook has been super clear that they’re not disclosing what the fees are for the service.
And so you know it is going to be interesting to know what the take rate is here like is it.
You know a few percent that covers credit card processing then that could be a great deal you know is it.
Higher take rate than a sort of Commerce base Marketplace I got Amazon or Ebay than you know.

[27:20] That could be problematic because these are all brands that have a a direct-to-consumer economic model and they you know there.
They’re not expecting to have to give away a huge chunk of those margins to an intermediary I mention it’s a great solution for mobile,
oh, it’s only a solution for mobile and so if you’re someone that doesn’t use the Instagram app or you want to do Discovery experience on a on a browser or a desktop.
This is not going to reach you so the audience’s is inherently limited one of the big problems to me is,
mousse brands that decided to be a direct to Consumer brand did it because they wanted to have a direct relationship with the consumer and they wanted to collect first-party data about how that consumer was shopping for him buying their products,
and wanted to build a relationship with that consumer and have a higher lifetime value and most d2c brands would talk about how.
That the value of each customer is much higher than a single transaction and certainly much higher than selling a single SKU.

[28:28] This this solution breaks all that right like the brand selling through Instagram don’t get any customer data.
Instagram gets that customer data you don’t get the payment information Instagram gets that payment information and in fact at the moment they’re piloting a.
An opt-in choice to let Instagram share the buyers email address with the seller.
So so when you buy a product on this From Prada there’s going to be a checkbox you’re going to have the option of checking that says Prada can have your email address but if you don’t check that does not even going to know who you are or have any way to contact you,
and you know in those cases people don’t check boxes to opt-in for marketing stuff so,
I feel like first-party data is a big down or of this kind of solution.

[29:23] You also have a problem that that the first time you buy a pair of Nike shoes on this platform you’re going to have to enter your payment information in the Facebook which is kind of klujian in a pain as it is with most mobile phones.
But then Facebook’s going to store your payment information and so in the future if you’re on Nike Site and you want to buy some Nikes Nike isn’t going to have your payment information even though they sold you that pair of shoes you’re going to enter your credit card again.
But conversely if you later discover a pair of Adidas on Instagram that’s going to be a very low friction purchased because.
Adidas friends at Nike earlier you know got through that that friction hurtling got the customer to enter their payment information on Instagram so in a way.
You’re you’re giving customer data that benefits competitors as much or potentially more than it benefits you so that’s a little risky.
And then there’s just a bunch of.

[30:20] Tactical execution thing that like I don’t think as it stands right now the Instagram check out full of is a best-in-class checkout flow so you can’t use Apple pay for example it’s you know it’s.
Limited and payment types are all these edge cases that consumers sometimes want to do like gift cards or splitting a purchase on the two credit cards or things like that you’re not going to able to do any of these things for the Instagram platform.
The best practice for entering a shipping address right now is to use the lookup database so you start typing a street database and we find your old address and save you a bunch of keystrokes.
You can’t do that on Instagram if you got to enter all that the address Fields Me and You Lie,
a huge killer for a bunch of Brands is that you can’t sell multiple skus or accessories or upsell the customer doll you each item is a separate transaction,
and then you know one of the things that makes e-commerce most successful,
is having social proof on that product detail page having ratings and reviews having Rich content that tells a story about that product.
And you know there are no ratings and reviews on your product detail page on Instagram and there’s actually not a lot of rich media like the rich media is up front in the discovery experience but once you get to this conversation.
Yet you know you not getting like detailed information and description and selling points about the products.

[31:44] You know those are just a bunch of things that like if you were comparing it to experience you could deliver from your own e-commerce site are sort of in my mind inferior.

[31:54] And so none of those are deal-breakers they just are less than perfect right so you roll all that up and I was thinking about.
You know what I be advising my my clients to use this feature and the kind of conclusion I came to is.

[32:13] Most of those down sides are not negatives to the brand they are negatives to this one channel and so they limit how much success you could have on the channel.
But they don’t actually like fundamentally hurt the brand and so you know.

[32:31] In a mind if you’re a brand that’s already spending a bunch of money on Instagram content and you’re getting organic reach with some of that content then.

[32:40] Probably makes a lot of sense to try to monetize that and you know some of the negatives I mentioned will like slightly limit the success you can have but you can still have.
Pretty meaningful success but if you’re not someone that’s creating a bunch of of Instagram content then I think you need to think really carefully because there’s a major expense and commitment to this this is very different than a.
A transactional market place where you know you got a thousand skews and channel advisor and you just had publishing it sends a thousand of them to this platform,
that’s not going to help you here like you’re gonna have to create bespoke content that has tags to these individual skews and that content is going to have to show up organically to a meaningful a size audience on Instagram.
So if I was not on the Instagram platform and I was looking to grow I’m not sure I would look at this as a primary tool and I for sure
would never recommend to anyone that they say hey what’s not have our own e-commerce site that’s not have a direct-to-consumer effort let’s just selling Instagram like I think that would be a.
A horrific mistake to be sort of a digital sharecropper and try to build an audience exclusively here that you don’t own so
to me it’s a great secondary channel that can really accelerate things for some
people that are already good marketers but it’s probably not you know the holy grail for for replacing e-commerce sites and and those sorts of things for for everybody to see bran.

[34:08] Yeah the the One Direction Twitter was going I thought was interesting in that it’ll be interesting to see if Instagram goes this way is it a lot of times,
aren’t really looking at the brand pages and falling them their find influencers right so I’ll pick on a Kardashian or less a Kanye that’s about let’s see let’s say
LeBron James right so he sells Nike shoes and so he may want to put something on his content that’s actually a shop old Nike ad
but it’s like him wearing the shoes and chocolate that starts to get kind of complicated right so you know she doesn’t want just anyone kind of,
making an ad Nike shoppable so then how do you collaborate the influencers in the shop ability to see if Instagram tries to go that route or or if it stayed with the branch being the one stopping.

[35:06] Yeah like that was an early question about this was is there an amenity for influencers or even a way to track a Filippi’s I can influence are referred to say the brand did do this content and did have a sellable product on Instagram
if if influencer directed an audience to that brand could they somehow be tracked and compensated for that because,
there’s a lot of of.
Influencers who is monetization like you know do use Instagram as the primary way to reach customers and it is pretty arduous at the moment to do at the Venetian on that and so
yeah none of that is in this platform right now you know I will say a couple months ago Mark Zuckerberg talk about the direction Facebook was going in and he mentioned that commerce was going to be a major
of the the future of Facebook and so I don’t think this is the only major Commerce feature that we’re going to see this year so you know I I won’t be surprised to see other,
Commerce amenities make their way into the various Facebook platforms and you know I do think there’s a
a huge influence our community that’s not perfectly well served right now so I wouldn’t be surprised to see some new products there but there’s no no hanser indication that that is.
Eminem or you know the next step of this.

[36:27] Any last Lots.

[36:31] No idea this this to me is one of those things like you know the bummer is as a brand,
you didn’t have this on your road map yesterday you had a big road map of initiatives that you drink we didn’t have enough resources to get and now you’ve got this new problem.
You know where it is hey Jason said this is maybe a good hit. So where does this go in the priorities do I bump something do I need to jump on this right away and let you know I do think a bunch of brands are going to struggle with.
Sort of figuring out how this fits in the privatization the good news is I don’t think they’re going to be opening this up to other brands in the very near future so I think we’re going to several months to.
To watch and see if we can get any any.
Tidbits about how customers are adopting this with these top brands before anyone really has to make the the decision to invest in it so it’s a little bit it’s a kind of thing you definitely want to know about him be falling carefully and it’s a you know.
However it plays out I think it’s an encouraging sign that the Facebook is trying more Commerce things I think that’s super important.
But you know I don’t think anyone is I don’t think it’s going to change anyone’s economic fortunes dramatically in the in the near.

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