Jason & Scot Show Episode 71 News Update, Amazon, Walmart, & Dept Stores

A weekly podcast with the latest e-commerce news and events. Episode 71 is a  news update covering Amazon and Walmart earnings calls, and other industry news.


Episode 71 is a news update:

Trip Reports

Razorfish Tech Summit – YouTube video

Seattle – Jason visits Amazon Go, and B8ta stores

Toronto – AdWeek FFWD 2017


Amazon News

  • Amazon Earning Call – Prime Estimates 60m subscriptions, First party sales grew 19%, Third Party Marketplace sales grew 43%, FBA is now 55% of all sales, Amazon Ad sales grew 73% to $2.95B.
  • Amazon video conferencing app (Chime)
  • Amazon in-home smart home consultations
  • Amazon denies NYPost story about Robot store
  • Prime Air Cameo in Echo Super Bowl spot
  • Amazon CFO – bookstores more about devices than books

Walmart News

  • 2 day free shipping $35 (Amazon lowers threshold in response)
  • Ecomm grew 29%
  • Walmart aquires Moosejaw
  • New Walmart convenience store Pilot


  • FedEx launches FBA competitor
  • E-Com was 42% of retail growth last year 
  • Dept Store sales in decline for 10 years
  • Google Home Adds Commerce (Bezos says voice isn’t really about commerce)
  • Target – same store sales down 3% in Nov/Dec, E-Com grows 30%, Target cuts back on innovation, RIP project goldfish
  • JJill IPO and Snap!

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Episode 71 of the Jason & Scot show was recorded on Tuesday February 21st 2017.


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