My Favorite Lists of Retailers

image Do you ever need to know how many stores a particular retailer has or how fast they are growing?  Here are some resources I use frequently:

Global Retailing 2010Deloitte publishes an annual Global Powers of Retailing, the 2010 version came out in January.  The report is available for free download and well worth the read.
Stores Top (a publication from NRF) publishes the Top100 and Hot 100 lists annually.  both are great free resources.
Top 100 Chain Store AgeChain Store Age publishes an annual Top 100 list.  The 2009 version is out, and the 2010 should be available soon.  It’s well worth the $99 download fee if you’re a shopper marketer.
Dealerscope Top 100 CESlightly more of a niche, but TWICE publishes an annual list of the Top CE Retailers (a space I do a lot of work in).  It’s $125 to download the digital version.  The 2010 version came out in May.
dealerscopetop101Dealerscope magazine provides a list of the Top 101 CE Retailers, and lets you download it for free.  the 2010 version came out in March.

I used to have an intern compile the data from all 5 of these lists in a single excel file (we even loaded it in our CRM system).

Does anyone have any other favorite resources?


  1. Thanks for sharing your resources! I’m a fan of Interbrand Design Forum’s “The Most Valuable Retail Brands 2010” — free download at

  2. Thanks Sue, good one.

    I hate to admit it, but when I’m looking at retailer lists I usually have my green eye-shades on and am trying to figure out who is building new stores, doing remodels, has the most doors in a category, etc… I don’t think enough in terms of who is gaining more mindshare, etc… as much as I should. Thanks for reminding me!


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