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final_pieceAs many of you know, I recently went through a career change.  While I am very proud of what we accomplished in eight years with my last firm, I came to realize that the next wave of innovation in customer experience design would not be exclusively focused in-store.   I was eager to be involved in the development of the rapidly evolving mobile experiences, which I am convinced will have a profound effect on shopping both in and out of the store.  So I took the dramatic step of starting my own consulting practice and began working on some great mobile retail projects.

Developing great new mobile experiences turns out to be the easy part.  Getting them deployed in very large retail organizations that are often burdened with well established silo’s of responsibility, turns out to be a far greater challenge.  It’s common to compromise the customer experience because it’s too difficult to properly integrate across all the different silos.  In the long run, the compromises won’t satisfy the shopper, who expects a great experience across every channels they choose to use (in-store, on the web, on the phone, and on their mobile devices).

I came to the realization that the next wave of great customer experiences are unlikely to come from anyone narrowly focused on just one silos.  The next generation of experience designers need to work seamlessly across all channels.

Fortunately, I met a firm that is already working across all channels and is successfully helping their clients achieve great cross-channel shopping experiences.  So I’m pleased to announce that as of this week, I’ve tricked them into letting me work with them on a full-time basis, leading their strategy and customer experience team.

Jason Goldberg
Vice President of Strategy and Customer Experience
email: [email protected]
phone: 503.610.6140

I’m working with a talented team, terrific clients, and  I’ll continue to do exactly what I love… create great shopping experiences!  What could be better that?  I’d encourage you to check out our website and feel free to drop my a line.

Have no fear, I fully intend to continue to blog here, and have a long backlog of topics.


  1. I’m sure you’ll do great things with the new company. Congrats!

  2. Congratulations! Sounds like a perfect fit.

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