Upcoming Events

Digital Signage Expo, Las Vegas

I’ll be in Las Vegas for the Digital Signage Expo, February 22-25.  On Thursday at 3pm PST, I’ll be presenting the Exploring the Adoption of Digital Innovations session in the Advertising and Marketing track.  Please come by and say hello if you’re going to be at the show.

I’m also looking forward to the Las Vegas visit, so that I can shop the “Connected World” Best Buy stores that have been deployed there.  It’s an ambitious re-designed experience for Best Buy that breaks a lot of their traditional customer experience conventions, so I’m eager to see how shoppers are responding.

RetailConnections, Miami

Assuming I don’t lose my plane tickets in a wager at the blackjack tables, I’ll be heading straight from Las Vegas to Miami for the RetailConnections Business Executive Summit, February 27-March 1st, at the Turnberry Isle Resort.  I fear it will be the debut of my 2011 golf game after being in hibernation for the Portland winter, so if you happen to be in my foursome at Turnberry, I’d like to apologize in advance.

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