Who Moved My Customer?

Brian Ardinger of Nanonation and I had a chance to give a webinar this week for RetailCustomerExperience.com.  We talked about some of the key trends that are changing consumer shopping  behaviors, and how smart marketers are leveraging those changes.

I specifically covered:

  • The overall signal to noise problem that results from the abundance of product assortment and marketing messages that shoppers are confronted with.
  • The emergence of Cross-Channel shoppers (research online / buy in-store, etc…) and how outdoor equipment retailer Moosejaw has adopted to serve them.
  • The evolution of social networks and how Old Spice used them to re-invigorate an aging brand.
  • The use of mobile devices in the shopping experience, and how Best Buy has capitalized on the trend.

You can watch the webinar here or you can download my deck.


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