Mainstream News: These shopper marketing guys are changing the world

mobile_newsIt’s a banner time for Shopper Marketing, as the mainstream media has taken notice of how profoundly the shopping experience is changing right before our eyes.

As a  reader of this blog, you won’t find anything surprising in the stories above, but the fact that these articles are now making the rounds to the C-Suites and Boardrooms of major retailers and branded manufacturers all across the country is likely to accelerate the already strong momentum.

If you are a retail executive who has been sitting back and watching the evolution of social marketing, mobile marketing, and cross-channel marketing and were playing on being a fast second-mover as the best practices emerge, you are probably now shifting into high gear.

The customer experiences are going to continue to evolve for sure.  But the retailers that are deploying solutions that fulfill the shoppers desires (in mobile, social, and cross-channel) are the ones that are learning and iterating.  They are also the retailers that are winning the shoppers goodwill and long term brand affinity.

Every retailer needs a playbook for mobile, social, and cross-channel.  The time for Shopper Marketing 2.0 is now!

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