Walmart Update: Re-thinking Project Impact?

image Moments after I blogged about Walmart’s Project Impact and it’s effect on digital merchandising… it appears that Walmart may be re-thinking Project Impact.

Bloomberg reports, that in the face of declining financial performance, Walmart’s new COO, Bill Simon, is bringing back promotional displays at the front of store and returning more items that were removed.  Overall inventory is coming back up and pallets are returning to action ally.

It’s unclear how extensive the retreat from Project Impact will be.  It will be interesting to see what effect the change will have on their digital merchandising.  If brands can once again buy a traditional end-cap slot, will they still be willing to purchase the expensive digital end-caps?  Will Walmart be forced to reduce the fee’s for those digital end-caps?  I suspect we’ll see the digital end-caps used exclusively for bigger ticket items and products with complicated selling propositions, as fast moving consumables resort to simpler promotional opportunities.


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